Saturday, 15 June 2013

Don's Challenge is underway and presently on schedule

Well, still all going well. On time and on schedule. At the present rate, we would expect a 5pm BBQ to cover the finish. We thought you might enjoy some random pictures from the evening.

The great news is that Ajax Sea Scouts have raised over £3,000 towards the work needed & the Warspite teams have raised in excess of £6,700 to be split between the Princess Alice Hospice and the Group. is the link for the Warspite/Princess Alice boats.

As we came down the river in the pitch black, searching for the way through, we did say that this is exactly the kind of event Don would have loved. He would have been there, perched on Warspite, with a coffee and planning the next set of swap rounds.

Thanks to the tremendous rowers and team which have got us this far - the speed at night was inspiring and the pictures cannot do justice to the beauty of gigs being rowed at night.

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